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the Scenes
Nyallow, and welcome! I'm Ninnie and this is my ko-fi page! June 2021 I got myself a day job in order to keep things afloat when it comes to necessary expenses, i.e. bills, heating expenses, car repairs, etc. due to my mom's passing on March 21st. This page, along with my subscribestar page, gives me a little bit of extra, that will further help me with surprise expenses, or if I need to take my dog or one of my cats to the vet! It also helps me with stuff like my own health care, which I've been neglecting for years... not proud of that one haha. So! This page is kinda bare bones. Most of my stuff is available on my Discord channel, where I drop a link for you to download the good of the month. Of course, there are things that I post directly on the feed as well for everyone to enjoy! Due to my day job, I do not have as much time to draw as I'd like, but I try to draw something every week. Some months there is more content than on others. My content generally dabbles into: - furries - mlm / bl - occasionally gl / wlw - some taboo / "problematic content", as the kids say - fantasy, monsters - bad humor - comics So what do you get for dealing with my monthly bs? - me at my purest, chaotic form - my everlasting gratitude - my dorky sketches/drawings everything - some additional perks :)

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