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Nicole Hill
Nicole is an escapist, and lover of fiction in all its mediums. They are often engrossed in stories, some they create themselves. They create fiction about magical folks in familiar and faraway places. They write commentary on film and television, and examine popular culture through an intersectional lens. They engage in critical fandom and advocate for respectfully dragging the creators and creations you love. You can see this in practice on their blog, ​Delete This When I’m Dead–a collection of colorful commentary on everything from current events to popular culture. And at ​Black TARDIS–Doctor Who from a Black AF Perspective. In addition to writing, they build & maintain websites, like their own at ​ They moderate the communities at ​Black Girls Create and ​#WhoFUBU. They co-host ​Who Watch: Time and Relative Blackness in Space (#TARBIS), a Doctor Who aftershow podcast, and ​That Sh*t We Do Like–which they also produce. Other things they do: ​tweet, play video games, podcast, appear on fandom convention panels, and engage in critical conversations about pop culture and fandom. Subscribing to Niq's Patreon actively supports them, and encourages them to continue creating. It also makes you both feel good 🥰

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