-------------------- KO-FI PAY REQUESTS -------------------- SHAYMIN DESIGN 1 Coffee = One Shaymin Land Forme design (you can pick flower and colors) 2 Coffee = One Shaymin Sky Forme design OR Two Shaymin Land Forme designs (you can pick flower and colors) 3 Coffee = One Shaymin Sky and One Shaymin Land OR Three Shaymin Land Forme designs (you can pick flower and colors) So on and so forth. Clothing and accessories are an additional coffee. FULL BODY CHARACTER DRAWINGS 3 coffees for a lined drawing of your character 5 coffees for lines + colors 7 coffees for lines + colors + shading 10 coffees for lines + color + shading + background -------------------- GENERAL RULES: -------------------- - No asking for refund - No WIP/preview sketches - No changes, but if you need edits unrelated to the art, such as transparent background, feel free to ask. - If you send the number of coffees less than the required amount, I will cancel the request and refund the money. -Request will be posted, unless requester told me not to.

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