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Digital artist from Washington, creator of Mnemoria, Goodnight and other comics.

Nocturne Nebula
Donate 5x coffee for a chibi doodle or 6x for a sketch doodle!

I will draw anything except porn/* subjects, but also:
- One character per piece, no couples or groups.
- Shading is for headshots and waistups only.
- Images are at a max of 1000x1024px at 72dpi resolution.

My terms are pretty much the same as my regular commission terms, which are available here:

If you want anything bigger or cleaner, then you’ll have to commission me outside of ko-fi.

These can be tallied up so you don't have to pay it all upfront at once. Please leave details of what you'd like me to draw in your message + your name/username/handle or email them to:

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