·.☽✧ ✦ Welcome ✦ ✧☾.· ✧ For 2023, I have a serious webtoon project I want to finish, a small story about Noramar and a big event in her life that will change her forever. My goal in 2023 is to work on original stuff, making more original merch and the big big goal is to found it as a book (french only) ✦ On my kofi, you will be able to see mainly original content! Adoptable or just some original illustration of my OC ! but also some monthly update of my Webtoon and sometime some fanart, mainly for merch purposes or just for fun >w< ✧ In 2022 I had a lack of content here I want to avoid, so my monthly objectives are : - 1 Batch of adoptable - At least 1 big illustration - POSTING THE COMMISSION AND THING I DREW OMG!! SO MUCH ART I DONT SHOW AT PEOPLE AT ALL!! - Posting more sketches! more stuff about the noraverse? - One episode of "Eclipse" Note for Eclipse : On kofi, the membership are still lacking a few features, especially a special goal for them. that can evolve like on Patreon. Soooo I decided to put them here! I know the last two goals are like, a high amount, but they mean I'm doing it almost full time, so If I need to make that much pages I can't make as much commission, that's why it need to cover the missing commissions I can't do ! 0€ -> One page per month <- We Are Here 100€ -> Two pages per month 500€ -> Three pages! 1000€ -> Once a week !!!! Hell yeaaaahh!!

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