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Help fix our food and healthcare systems by making plant-based eating easier! 🥦 Employers in the US spend over $13,000 per employee per year on healthcare [1]. Yet, Americans are sicker than ever [2]. So, we're helping teams focus on food to promote well-being and prevent disease rather than merely insuring for and treating it. 💬 Soon, we'll partner with employers to offer nutrition benefits via matching programs and tax-advantaged accounts like FSAs. But first, we're building the case for this new approach... 🌱 That's where you come in! As a Patron, you'll help fund Pilots for NutritionBenefits 'Pioneers' — employees interested in bringing healthy food benefits to their workplaces. 🌱 Pioneers get exclusive discounts on plant-based foods and other nutrition-related services in return for feedback and an intro to their employer's HR team. 🌱 As a Patron, you'll save on featured brands too! In addition to the discount you'll enjoy when you sign up for one of our featured brands, every $1 Ko-fi contribution earns you $1 credit toward that brand, up to $20. (You can also choose to forgo some or all of that credit to maximize your contribution.) Check out our featured brands here ( or in the Gallery. 🌱 Contributions can be one-time or monthly and go 100% toward the cost of our next NutritionBenefits pilot. Interested in nominating (or being!) a Pioneer? Email to let me know! 💸 Interested in helping me (Mike) work on NutritionBenefits full-time? Please consider using the 'Commission Me' option, which I'm using to keep Salary contributions separate from Pilot contributions (made via the 'Support' option) so you know exactly how your money is being put to use. Thanks so much for considering and *please* let me know if you have any questions! I want you to be completely confident in me and in what I'm creating. ✌️ Peace & Plants, Mike Westcott, Founder _ ❔ FAQs 👋 Who are you? My experiences as a health coach and at digital health and food startups have shown me how powerful healthy eating can be — and the barriers to actually doing it. Simply telling people what to eat isn't enough; we must make those foods more accessible and attractive. So, I'm bringing together employers and healthy food brands to do so. To learn more, please check out or 🍠 Why focus on food? Food is the number one cause of poor health in America [3]. Here's a great summary of why focusing on food is essential for improving our collective health and fixing our incredibly expensive healthcare system: ❤️ Why Ko-fi? Rather than raising venture capital, I'm seeking support and input from plant-based eaters, animal lovers, tree huggers, and forward-thinking employees — in short, people who will benefit when our efforts succeed. Ko-fi is a great tool for that! Unlike Patreon or Kickstarter, Ko-fi allows for recurring *or* one-time contributions and doesn't emphasize the creation of a physical product. Ko-fi also doesn't take a cut of contributions so your support goes further. ✅ References: [1] [2] [3]

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