Hello, I'm Emma, Dave's human. Dave is an old cat with increasing amounts of health problems that are associated with old cats. This page is intended for supporters of Dave to help and contribute a small amount towards his vets bills, which are an increasing financial strain - and increasingly difficult to cover the cost of on our own. We appreciate all and any help you feel generous enough to give. Thank you! Dave is the muse behind the rhyming children's picture book (isbn 978-1-8380088-0-2) that I wrote and illustrated all about his time in the cat shelter, after his old owners moved home and left him behind. Because of the strain that Covid-19 has put on my business, I am finding it increasingly difficult to pay for Dave's increasingly frequent vet bills. Of course I would do anything for him. I'd sell a kidney if I had to! But then I remembered all of you guys who also care about Dave, and I thought I'd set up this page so that if you're interested in helping us out, you can easily donate. Dave really is the sweetest man-cat. I would call him a boy, but he is far too senior for that. He’s now 11 years old! I'll update this page with pictures and updates of Dave to keep you entertained xxx

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