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Paz del Castillo Music Spanish composer and pianist.Her discography: Moods for Piano, Eleven Drops Now and last one TRES...The best of. THE BEST OF HER THREE STUDY ALBUMS: New album by the artist. Album Collection in which to find 11 tracks with THE BEST OF HER THREE STUDY ALBUMS: Moods for Piano, Eleven Drops and Now In addition, three new Works are included, three new works composed for the álbum: -“Erase una vez …una doncella” -“Vals for the good people” “-Lo que se de mi” Edited under “The Borderline Music Rds” -Granada, Spain, label, and distributed by DISC BLAU. It is an EXECUTIVE PRODUCTION of Paz del Castillo TRES is a compendium, it is the best of Paz, an album that summarizes her essence and her work, her beautiful and high quality discography


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