PerfectBook ia a totally free service that helps people on getting the perfect book suggestion starting from precise and quick personal information, with a strong focus on the emotional current situation. PerfectBook is an on-demand librarian available 24/7 from everywhere. However, it is strongly human-based because every book suggested by the search engine was read and analyzed by a person of our amazing Team. The Team is the core of the project, because these people are able to detect feelings and situations that today no AI is able to do, and that's the main value we deliver to our readers. In 2020 PerfectBook suggested 40.000 books through it's EMOTIONAL RESEARCH, and this is an amazing result. Additionally, it released District, a new hub dedicated for readers in which they can easlily collect all the book news coming from the most qualitative blogs, magazines and newspapers from all the word. Last point, we also published many articles and interviews with the authors on our blog called Read Your Life. We would like to mantain PerfectBook free forever for everyone, and offering us a coffee will be a big step for helping us and sustaining the literary culture diffusion. Thank you! =D

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