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Persnickety Pets
Hiya, I'm Jen! I’m the artist behind The Persnickety Pets webcomic, a (mostly) weekly art adventure that follows 12 original pet characters as they navigate life with their anxious humans. Sometimes the comics I draw are cute and cheeky. Sometimes they have more oof to them. That’s life, and I try to draw from experience. I only make two promises about the comics I draw: 1) the Pets will never die 2) the buttholes will always be Xs In addition to drawing new installments for the webcomic, I also create physical products that I sell online and at local markets. Making the products, running the shop, going to markets, drawing new comics… it’s a lot for a scatter-brained introvert to keep up with. Your support on Ko-fi helps me sit down long enough to keep drawing new comics. It also takes some of the indecision out of deciding what to draw, which is where a lot of my energy tends to go. If you join one of the monthly memberships, you get to be a big part of the new comics that I draw (which is cool) AND you get exclusive goodies that no one else gets (which might be cooler). Whether you buy me a cookie or become a monthly member, please know that your support means the world and I'm so tickled to have you along for the ride!

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