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Hiya, I’m Jen! I’m the owner and artist behind Persnickety Pets, a small business I started back in 2019. I draw cute and cheeky pet-themed art that I turn into fun stuff for persnickety pets and the people who love ‘em. Your support on Ko-fi helps me cover monthly business subscriptions like website hosting, design apps, and photo editing software. Having some of these key monthly expenses taken care of really helps me keep things going when sales are slow. When you join one of the monthly memberships, you get to be part of new stuff I draw (which is cool) AND you get exclusive goodies that no one else gets (which might be cooler). Whether you send a one-time tip or become a monthly member, please know that your support means the world. I'm so tickled to have you along for the ride! 🐾 Jen

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