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Hi there. Nice to meet you. Yes, I'm a coffee junkie! I was trained as a wild-bird rehab volunteer by the wonderful and globally respected Lee Fox and her staff in Florida. Lee and her volunteers took part in the Prestige oil spill clean-up in Europe and set a global bird survival record after an oil spill in Tampa Bay. Even my avian vet in the UK (John Chitty in Andover) had heard of Lee Fox. I adopted two health-compromised feral quaker parrots back then (Myiopsitta monachus), in June 1994. Long before I became friendly with pigeons (Columba livia). Pigeons are wonderful critters. We took them out of their natural subtropical sea cliff habitats and spread them all over the world. That makes us responsible for them. Pigeons are also great for educating people about wildlife and reconnecting them with nature. I do the little that I can to help them when I can. ~ Angelina

Portsmouth Pigeon Rescue (UK)
Pigeons are loved - and hated - all over the world. So pigeons can unite humans from all over the world! We took these birds from their subtropical sea cliffs and spread them around the world, the way we are now doing with the two parrot species Myiopsitta monachus and Psittacula krameri. That makes us responsible for them, doesn't it? Portsmouth Pigeon Rescue is a tiny effort by Angelina Souren, a Dutchwoman who now lives in the UK and has previously lived in the States. She eventually would like to have (or help others operate) one or more mobile rescue units as well as roosting and nesting structures. The latter can help reduce pigeon pressure on certain sites. This approach has worked very well in places such as Nottingham and also in cities in other countries. For now, she simply helps out the occasional bird. She also wants to remove pieces of string and human hair that got wrapped around pigeons' toes and feet, which often ends up amputating those toes and feet. (She needed nets to be able to do that. She has the nets now.) If you find any other birds in trouble, you can take them to Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital in the Chichester area (Cow Lane, Sidlesham, West Sussex, PO20 7LN). They'll usually also take pigeons. If you need a hand securing a bird to take it to Chichester, there are many local people who can help you. Contact Angelina, or ask at Arundel Aviaries & Fisheries at 311-315 Arundel Street because they know lots of bird people and may be able to put you in touch with one of them. 25 December 2019

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