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Hello! Stefania Lintonbon here. I'm a voice actress, podcaster and blogger who believes passionately in the power of positive affirmations. My mission is to continue creating helpful, inspirational, uplifting content to encourage, energise, and motivate my listeners and readers. I also intuitively read Oracle cards to spread happy, inspirational messages. Listen to the Positive Affirmations And Audio Stories podcast via iTunes or your favourite podcast app; also, Spreaker, Stitcher, Spotify and TuneIn 🔹Follow us on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/PositiveAffirmationsAndAudioStories A lovely ko-fi ☕ donation will enable me to pay back a loan I took out to buy my laptop, and later have the funding for the technical upkeep (for example blogging /podcasting subscription fees, production equipment) necessary to continue podcasting and blogging for you. Bless! 🤓

Positive Affirmations And Audio Stories
Welcome to Positive Affirmations and Audio Stories, your support is really appreciated! Special goodies on offer to supporters include: ** £3 cup of coffee or tea - Thank you for the drink. I will work hard to keep posting interesting, and sometimes-- exclusive to ko-fi -- material for you ** £6 donation - A personalised two-card oracle card reading emailed to you ** £9 donation - 1 week of 5 encouraging and inspiring affirmations with a unique message to accompany each one, emailed to you

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