We love Instagram and we especially love to see Ko-fi page links on Instagram bio’s. Here are 5 of our favourite Instagrammers using Ko-fi to fund their passions. Check them out and then start raising funds by linking to your Ko-fi page in your Instagram bio!

Mariela teaches is helping the world learn how to speak Spanish - Un café por favor?


Liz is a self-taught artist using Ko-fi to raise money for art supplies, check her out on Instagram – we love the turtle painting


Mikky Dyer is cosplaying on Instagram and raising money for costumes on Ko-fi, she just got her 200th Coffee and hit her goal – Go Mikky


Alana is making jewellery and raising money on Ko-fi to fund her Carpal Tunnel surgery – check her out on Instagram


Spacemonster is a cosplayer and artist raising money on Ko-fi for a Comiccon Art Stand – incredible transformations!


We use instagram to show off some of your Ko-fi inspired artworks - take a look and don't be shy about following us ❤️❤️


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We hope you enjoy Ko-fi!

-Ko-fi Team