This, is my favorite cosplay so far.

I've built this very first armor of mine between June 14th and September 17th 2018. During three warm months, I've cutted, sanded, textured, glued several pieces of foam, and sewn lots of leather (it was really a painful process) and fur. This project really learned patience to me, but it allowed me to learn so much, because I'd almost never used EVA foam before (except for small projects like a steampunk glove). It was so interesting to see how to work with these kind of materials, plus I'd also never sewn anything really complicated, and even if leather was pretty exhausting to sew, even if I've broken 3 needles, it was completely worth it !

I've been very happy to share my progress everyday with my Instagram followers and friends, showing them what i've done and telling them how! I sincerely believe I've helped other beginners to get over their mistakes, and I'm so glad I've made really good friends and met so talented people through this project such as @freccia_cosplay or @phantombladecosplay who are the very best supporters ever !

This costume costs me around 240€ of foam, fur, fabrics, glue, primers and paints. And I don't count the materials I already had as well as the hardware that I used!

I've used 5mm EVA foam from Cosplay&Craft, Flexipaint in white as a primer for the armor parts and black Plastidip for the dual blades as well as the kunais and all the tiny spikes, Vallejo airbrush colors (for the scales Squeleton Bone, Khaki, Beasty Brown mixed with Khaki or sometimes with black, for the metallic parts Black and Silver), a cheap airbrush kit (compressor and dual action airbrush), the fabrics are cotton and fake leather as well as a thicker fabric (I don't know the name, sorry) for the brown parts. All the attachments works with velcro!

I've posted lots of WIP pictures on both my Instagram page (you may also check the story highlight) and my Facebook page !