Tauy Creek Digest #47 - A look at the creation and disappearance of Fox Features' Wonder Man from 1939. (10/3)

Supercomics #15 - The All American Corps face off against Senestro, a villain with the power of telekinesis. After the battle, Superkitten makes a sudden change in her life. (10/7)

Tauy Creek Digest #48 - The history of a nearly lost and forgotten Topeka, Kansas neighborhood. (10/10)

Tank N Tummy #8 - Dominic, Ryan, and MaryJane are sick while Aaron is at the gas station with Chief. (10/14)

Tauy Creek Digest #49 - A history and look at the former town of Prairie City, Kansas. (10/17)

Mom's Taxi #4 - Lindsay and the girls prepare to follow Samar to the nearest village as Christine is questioned by police. [Final issue] (10/21)

Liberty Horror #2 - Dominic, Ryan, and MaryJane spend the night in a haunted house. (10/24)

Arjon #2 - Caleb uses the excuse of a biology study group to hit on a girl in class, Brittany. (10/28)

Tauy Creek Digest #50 - Adrian Gutierrez sees his ex-girlfriend at an intersection in the city and relives their entire relationship in 30 seconds. (10/31)