A quick update on tidal work, 1 month on from starting my Ko‑fi campaign.

I've had 174 coffees thrown my way so far which is exciting, paying for vaguely a week's work on tidal. Thanks so much!

A reality check - I've probably done more work on Tidal than that, and there is the years' of unpaid work I've put into Tidal in the past to consider, but this is nonetheless really encouraging+highly motivating! I'm not expecting to necessarily receive the same again this month, as many will have sent one-off coffees or batched of coffee (around 10 people set up monthly recurring coffees). But this is nonetheless really encouraging, and here's an update of what I've done in that time.

The userbase - https://userbase.tidalcycles.org/
This has gone well, lots of material brought over and updated from the current website, lots of functions newly covered and new guides added. Thanks to all who have contributed to this effort! It's not really linked from anywhere yet, but will be the main resource once 1.0.0 is released, with support for multilingual translation - quite a few seem keen to help with that, great!

Version 1.0.0
- https://github.com/tidalcycles/tidal/projects/2
- https://github.com/tidalcycles/Tidal/commits/master
Lots of updates here, and quite a few people are starting to beta test it. There are some problems with timing and performance I need to attend to but I've been having fun performing live with it already, and gave the first workshop using it in Tokyo with no real problems!
The project link above shows most of the TODO list is now done, but I'm still adding new features, currently focussed on having fun with binary patterns. With the rewrite, there will be some regressions from version 0.9.x but once I resolve the timing issues and finish the documentation effort, I'll do a proper release. Again, a bit thanks to all who have contributed ideas + code to this effort.

What's next?
Before the refactor took over, what I really wanted to get done for version 1.0.0 was an easier install process, featuring a binary build of Tidal. This task is surprisingly complex due to issues with compiling a standalone interpreter, but I'd really like to get to this next. I need to focus on releasing 1.0.0 (and finishing my album project) during December, but thought I'd take the opportunity to raise funds for developing installers in January. I can't promise I'll fix this inside a month but it'd be great to try! If you're in a position to help fuel this effort with a one-off or ongoing coffee contribution I'd really appreciate it.

Feedback very welcome on any of this.