He showed up at her apartment on Friday; this was both expected and unexpected.
They always got together on Friday, an hour or so after they got out of work. It left them Saturdays to do things with other people and Sundays to recuperate or see each other again, depending on how they were feeling.

But they had broken up on Monday.

It had been, as such things went, amicable. More of a “we’re not really feeling this romantically, we don’t really feel like we want to do all the social things that seem to be required of a couple” than “you always leave your socks on the floor and I can’t stand the noises you make in your sleep” or, worse “I’ve found someone else.”

Neither of them had found someone else, although either of them could have. They were both relatively easy to get along with, they were both reasonably good looking, and they while they shared a small but decent Venn-Diagram overlap of friends, they also had their own social lives, things that they did on their own on Saturdays.

And here he was, with take-out from her favorite Thai place, a six-pack of her favorite beer, and a board game that they’d been talking about Sunday with their gaming group.

She opened the door. What else was she going to do? “I - hello?” She wasn’t quite committed to letting him in, not yet.

“Hi.” He waved the Thai bag temptingly. “I figured, if you had someone here, I could go eat Thai by myself today or share it with the spelunking group tomorrow. But if you didn’t, we hadn’t gotten all the way through that new Netflix show yet, and-” He shrugged a bit. “I like spending Fridays with you.”

She stepped aside slowly. “I- I like spending Fridays with you, too. But if you get a girlfriend…” If I get a boyfriend?

“Hey,” he laughed. “That’s what Tuesday nights are for, right? Or Thursdays or maybe even Mondays. Lots of days left in a week for my imaginary girlfriend.”

She cleared off the coffee table and grabbed forks and chopsticks, napkins and glasses from the kitchen. “We’ll have to work it out with my imaginary invisible boyfriend, too,” she reminded him.

”Oh, that’s fine. As long as he likes board games, I’m sure we can find room for him. Pass me the remote? We were on Season 3 episode 4, right?”

”Three. ‘The Wind at Night.’” She settled in to her spot on the couch, eyeing him thoughtfully. This was the part she’d always liked best anyway, wasn’t it?

Her imaginary invisible boyfriend could have Thursdays and Mondays. She liked this Friday thing too much.