This year a really exciting new convention called ComicsSalopea is taking place near me, modelled on the famous Angouleme comics festival in France. I'd really like to get involved - I think the world needs more conventions that champion smaller creators and aim to open up the joys of sequential art to the general public.

There are various incredibly eccentric venues involved in the festival, and my favorite has to be the chance to create a personalised exhibition space in a cell inside at Dana prison, an 18th century jail (which closed a few years ago-!)

As a newbie to conventions, though, the table costs are a bit on the steep side. If you enjoy my free webcomics and would like a way to show your appreciation, contributing to the pot would really help!

(And if I don't raise enough, don't worry, the money will go towards a slightly more conventional convention table somewhere else)

Thank you soooo much!