You're probably finding yourself here either because you came from Patreon, which I am currently in the process of closing shop for, or through twitter. In either case, welcome!

One of the main reasons I decided to make the jump from Patreon to Ko‑fi was because, as time passed, I felt really stifled artistically by having everything behind a paywall. It was fun to make content that was exclusive for people who were nice enough to support me, but it barred me from posting art on places like twitter that could potentially help new readers find my work. Patreon also isn't great for reader interaction, and that's mostly because Patreon has a lot of issues in regards to usability.

On top of that, my schedule has become erratic now that my kid has grown from an angry potato who sleeps for most of the day to an active six year old who needs a lot more time and attention, which has made my ability to do extra stuff difficult for the past year and a half. Just having the knowledge that I was failing to meet the higher standards for productivity that I had set for myself with Patreon back when I first launched my campaign was a constant source of stress that was contributing to my inability to concentrate on getting new comic pages out at all.

Ko-fi also allows me to make content that is hidden by a paywall, but it works differently and I haven't really looked into it all that much. I will eventually read up on it, but for now I don't really intend to use it much, if ever. For now my plan for Ko-Fi is to frequently post sketches, extra art and maybe some of my older SFW favourites from my previous Patreon campaign from time to time, when I have them done or I think people might be interested in seeing them. This also lets me post sketches and concept art from different ideas and projects without feeling like I'm going off theme or posting things that weren't what people were presumably paying to have access to. All of this will happen whether people are buying me coffees or not, and will likely be cross-posted on twitter and possibly instagram if I can figure out how it even works. 

Meanwhile, if your coffees make it to my goal and fill up that bar, I'll set time aside to do more involved extra art that I'll make available as wallpapers for everyone. I'll start new campaigns whenever these ones finish, and we'll see where we go from there. I won't be taking requests for content, but if your donation is generous, I can absolutely be bribed to make sure specific characters are in the resulting illustration if you let me know who your faves are in the donation comment box. ;)

Anyhow, thanks for following me to this new and exciting platform! Remember that you can click the gallery tab to see recent sketches and illustrations all in one place.