Hey coffee giver! A quick update,

I'm 84% of the way to funding a week's work improving Tidal installation.

I already spent some time on this, investigating how to package up the Haskell interpreter. It's possible to get all the libraries in place, but it's difficult, fiddly and error prone, and the result is a large download.

David Ogborn has contributed an alternative interpreter from his Estuary project, which he calls 'MiniTidal'. This is interesting as it opens up the possibility of not only having a smaller, easier to built and maintain download, but the possibility of going beyond what Haskell offers in terms of syntax and user interface features. It also makes it possible for a Tidal interpreter to be compiled to javascript - which is what David has been doing with as part of Estuary.

So, MiniTidal is probably going to be the focus of getting an easy one-click installer going, and will likely lead to some very interesting places indeed.

Oh and Tidal 1.0.6 is out, with some bugfixes, the new arp arpeggiator, and much improved custom OSC.

Thanks again for all the coffees, keep 'em flowing!

Off to ICLC Madrid now, looking forward to seeing some of you there.

See you