It’s been a week since we launched Ko-fi Gold and your feedback has been amazing. We couldn’t be more grateful and more motivated to take Ko-fi to the next level. Check out some of these awesome creators supporting the community and making use of their Gold perks!

🍺 Buy a beer for Vaigh
Check out the gallery, we love ‘Infinite’ – what a talent!

🖼️ Coffee fuels pixel perfect avatars from Sebzone
Loving these blinking avatars, check out the feed for examples and grab yours from Sebzone!

💎 Diamonds are for… RKZN
Help fund the webcomic, we can’t wait to see it!

🗺️ A Map a Day for Amapaday
If maps are your thing, go shout Amapaday a coffee for your daily dose on Instagram!

🥡 Meals are helping fund a Shop in Leeds for Masato Jones
Go big with your goal, help Masato Jones get to 30% and he can open a shop for his label in Leeds. We love the t-shirts!

🍌 Visit Indiemono over at the banana coffee factory
Discover independent music and help build a fair and equitable future for every artist!
Here at Ko-fi we don’t take a cut of your tips and we don’t do ads. The Ko-fi Gold community is a $6 monthly donation (cancel anytime) to Ko-fi which helps us to build the community. In return you get some cool perks. Change Coffee to anything, set the price of support, offer recurring payments and much more. If you find Ko-fi valuable and would like to help make it better for everyone, consider going Gold.

Check out Ko-fi Gold

/// The Ko-fi Team