🚨 Update - We just made this feature available to everyone! Tweet your page or gallery with your new preview image to @kofi_button and we will support our faves

Ko-fi Gold members can now replace the preview image that shows on social sites when you share your Page or Gallery. You can make your preview image better reflect your content and you can change it regularly to keep it relevant to donation drives, campaigns or goals.

To change your preview image when logged into Ko‑fi just drop down the appearance menu on the cover photo area and choose ‘Set Preview Image’ and upload your replacement.

Images should be 2:1 aspect ratio to achieve the best results and once you have uploaded your image you can check how your page will display on sites like twitter using their card validator.

We really do appreciate everyone who tries Ko-fi Gold. We don’t take a fee and we don't show ads so it is the only way we are able to keep making Ko‑fi better. We hope you like it!

// Ko‑fi Team