Thousands of creators use Ko‑fi for commissions. We listened to your feedback and created "Ko-fi Commissions" to make it easier.

With Ko‑fi Commissions fans can buy unique, original work just for them. Display your commissions status, create a menu of commission options, show available slots, take the info you need to start the work, set your terms and get paid directly and upfront with no fee from Ko-fi.

Watch how your fans buy a commission 👇

With Ko-fi Commissions you can:

Display commission status - Let fans know when commissions are open/closed and automatically close commissions when all your slots are full.

Create a commissions menu - Offer different commission types with descriptions, prices and example images to clearly show fans what they are buying.

Show available slots - Let people know how many slots are available and when you are sold out!

Set your terms – Make sure buyers know and accept your terms upfront. They can’t commission you until they accept them.

Get the info you need – Collect the details you need to start the commission. Characters, reference material, scene descriptions. Anything you need.

Send/receive confirmations – An email is sent to the buyer and the creator when a commission is ordered containing all the details you agreed.

Get paid directly & in advance – To complete a commission request the buyer pays you directly via PayPal so you don’t have to start work until you receive the money.

Contact the buyer – Buyers leave their contact information so you can finalise details, query descriptions and deliver the finished work!

You can find out even more about Ko‑fi Commissions in this help article.

We took the guidance of lots of Ko‑fi members before creating Ko-fi Commissions. Special thanks to Monarobot and Joey Mac for their input. This is just the beginning for commissions and we need your feedback. If Ko-fi Commissions is missing an important feature for you or you have ideas on how we can make it better we really want to hear from you.

Ko-fi Commissions is part of Ko-fi Gold. We are eternally grateful for everyone who tries Gold, you genuinely are helping us build a better Ko‑fi and we can't run the platform without you!

// Ko‑fi Team