Last month we launched supporter-only content for Ko-fi Gold. A way for creators to get more donations by letting fans of their work unlock exclusive images, posts, videos and links. Here’s a few ways creators are rewarding supporters for their donations and subscriptions!

Read a chapter 📖

Give a teaser of a new book or even a chapter just for supporters. Rupeecolouredhair lets supporters read ‘The Teller Of Tara’ for the price of a potion.

Unlock a password 🔑

Give access to your password protected blog, streaming server or… anything with a password! A one-off donation gets you access to Binglin’s private art tumblr.

View a private photoshoot 📷

Reserve a few pics just for your most loyal fans. Buying a ‘bag of glitter’ for Miss E gets you access to private photoshoots available only to recent supporters.

Read creator commentary 📓

Reveal your plans for upcoming work or your creative goals. One-off donations unlock the inside story of 'Boltbuns' a project to allow sensitive viewers to enjoy scary games without fear.

View scenes from a comic 💬

Publish comic scenes to reward your generous fans. View Agents of the Realm comic scenes by supporting Mildred L monthly!

Reward loyal fans and fund your passions on your own schedule with supporter-only content on Ko-fi Gold - No commitment, no pressure

// Ko-fi Team

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