We’re so excited to announce supporter only content - the latest perk for members of Ko-fi Gold!

Our mission is to help creators fund their passions. Every Ko-fi given, every goal reached and every message of encouragement motivates us to make Ko-fi even better. We hate ads and we don’t take a cut of your donations. To fund the service, we made Ko-fi Gold.

Supporter only content is the latest perk for our Gold members to help them receive even more support from their fans.

What is supporter only content?

Supporter only content allows creators to make images, posts, videos and links available exclusively for people who have donated, or just for monthly recurring supporters.

When creating a Post or uploading to the gallery Gold creators can now choose one of the following audience options:

  • Everyone - all visitors to your page
  • People who supported in the last 30 days - anyone who has supported you in the last 30 days, including monthly recurring supporters.
  • People who support you monthly – supporters who have an active monthly recurring support subscription (you can enable recurring payments in your Gold Settings).

Just like Patreon?

It's great that Patreon helps creators to build a subscriber base and some Ko-fi creators use both platforms. Lots of creators have told us Patreon is just too much commitment to publish content to a schedule and they are looking for something simpler. That is why we launched recurring monthly support a few weeks ago and supporter only content today. We think these 2 Ko-fi Gold features give creators a simple, fun and low-commitment way to attract monthly recurring subscribers and offer new incentives for one-time donators.

Try Ko-fi Gold to get started with supporter only content

We hope you enjoy it - If you would like to spread the word about Ko-fi it would mean a great deal to us!

/// Nigel, Simon & The Ko-fi Team