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Meet the Team! Hey everyone, my name is cakepop but people usually call me “cake”! I’m one of the co-owners of your favorite Pouflons! I’ve been hanging around pouflons for maybe 5 years or so and still can’t believe that now i’m helping it grow! I assist with coming up with events, traits, and usually, I play around with the sites to make everything easily accessible! I hope you love pouflons as much as I do! When I’m not working on pouflons (which isn’t true because im always working on pouflons), i can be found working or playing with my two dogs who are the absolute loves of my life! ------------------------------------------------------------ Hi, you can call me Rhiow! I'm the other half of this operation. Pouflons is my passion project, and I'm often working behind the scenes on new lore and events! I'm also the one mailing the merchandise-- so when you receive your stickers, you know they're from me (with love)! I'm a huge fan of developing characters through story and writing, and watching all of you develop yours! When I'm not working on Pouflons, I'm probably secretly still working on Pouflons. But in the off chance that I'm not, I'm probably spending time with my animals, reading or playing video games!

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