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I plan to step up my game since I'm graduating soon this May. For that, I may, do more of speed paints, videos, and maybe get in to making animations as well, but this will only happen if I get to acquire a powerful laptop which will pretty much cost at around 700 to 800 US dollars. Your coffees are highly appreciated guys, and thank you all for reading this. ♥


A typical brony artist who specializes in the field of creating cute and colorful equines. Oh, I'm also a photographer.. well, not as professional though. Want to see my creations? Hit the links below to get started: wew ' c '

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Purple Flix
Welcome to my Ko-fi Page. I will usually use my Ko-Fi page for posting announcements, whenever I'm deciding to do something new or adorable... well sort of. My artworks are posted in my Twitter account @purpleflix. Though, I have a few more "repositories" for uploading art uwu ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ . Yes, I'm planning to be a YouTuber one day~ If you happen to enjoy my content, you may support me by sending me a coffee ☕, and they're highly appreciated. Thank you so much for stopping by, and I hope to make more content for you guys. Stay tuned for more~♡

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