Hey y'all, my name's Rage. Thanks for visiting my humble abode, so-called the Internet. This here is a part of my life where I make various efforts to bring joy and entertainment to various users of various flavors. One of the main things of interest that has entertained me for years, and more to come, is gaming. I've taken an interest into games from Bethesda ever since the release of Fallout 3, and had my hands on one of the very first releases of Fallout 3 for the original Xbox 360. Ever since then, I've always had an interest in the Fallout franchise, and other BSG games. However, it doesn't just stop there. I've taken the liberty of expanding just my playing to creating experiences for other users to enjoy who are also fans of various BSG titles. Those experiences, also called, modlists, are specially curated modlists focusing on expanding the games that Bethesda has graciously created for us, in order to create everlasting adventures and experiences for YOU to enjoy. This Ko-fi page is purely for donations based on my work and any other reason that you may see fit. Note, that the Ko-fi page is setup purely for showing appreciation towards my work and offers no added benefits, nor will it ever.

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