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aka, randomthunk.

Drawer of things, designer of stuff. Co-creator and illustrator of the light novel series "Owl's Flower".

Peter Capaldi officially approves of two shirts I created.

Ginger Hoesly
DECEMBER 2017: Get a coloring page, 6 mobile wallpapers, and a survey for you to tell me what you'd like to see, with any donation!

** Donate $12, get a sketch of your fave/OC with some coffee! One character request per increment. I'll follow up your donation to find out who you want. =) **
Hello and welcome to this page. I hear you can donate in a show of support, which is superbly appreciated. In general, donations will be used to help pay for such very exciting things as "the mortgage" and "groceries", while also being an awesome thing for me to know people support me and what I do. That is pretty rad.

If you're looking for me around the place, you can find me on Instagram @randomthunk, on Twitter @Kataoi (that's a tricky one), on Tumblr @randomthunk (again), or see what's up with my portfolio at

Check out Owl's Flower, an OEL light novel series I'm co-creating, at, where the first ebook is free! Totally free!

If you're feel especially generous while also in the mood for swag, browse my wares at

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