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I'm RebelVampire, writer, homebrew game dev, webcomic reviewer, and more. I have numerous projects scattered throughout the online sphere, including but not limited to my writing advice & media analysis blog (Rebel of All Trades), my homebrew games, and a few other things here or there. You may also recognize me as the host of Comic Tea Party, a book club and workshop community for webcomics.

Hello everyone, I'm Rebel and have a number of projects going on. At current I am Writing Director for StArt Faire (http://startfaire.com/), a free, online webcomic magazine. Besides doing a ton of admin work for the magazine, I also routinely write indie comic reviews for it (http://sta.sh/21ny60zpp957). I also write a weekly blog where I talk about a variety of topics, from game analysis to writing tips (https://rebelofalltrades.wordpress.com/). In addition, I've been making homebrew games when I can spare the time in an effort to become a cool indie dev (http://rebelvampire.wixsite.com/illimitablegalaxies). By donating here, you just greatly aid me in being able to continue all these projects peacefully. I'm on a pretty tight budget and unfortunately none of these projects earn me any money. Double unfortunately, you need money to be able to live in the world. As such, more money here means more time to make awesome content~! Any and all donations are greatly appreciated, but please enjoy my content regardless of donating or not.

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