Rex Arcum

Please read ALL info before submitting ↓ SUBMISSIONS: (€10 per track review) • Don't forget to include your song link and the name of the playlist you are submitting to. • 100% of the earnings I make go straight back into Instagram story advertisement for the playlists to keep them growing, I won't keep any money for myself, you can trust me on that :) Approved songs will be: • Playlisted for at least 2 weeks, some however have stayed in the playlist for 6+ months, depends on the song! • Added to the Top 15 spots of the playlist • Also they may be added to my song bank and re-featured sometimes Keep in mind a submission DOES NOT guarantee you a spot in the playlist. Rap Rock Genre Benders Electronic Rock Genre Benders New Scene Rock and Metal New Wave Emo, Pop-Punk and Alternative

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