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[K-OS 3.0 initializing....] [//... Welcome, weary traveller to my page for tips and caffeine maintenance] My name is Ripley, and I'm a Furry/Manga/Comic artist, and Variety Streamer on Picarto and Twitch. It's very nice to meet you! ^w^ <3 I'm an Intersex Trans girl; Shi/Hir/Any Pronouns (They/Them if you can't remember them). I'm a production artist by day, comic artist by night, and usually spend 40 hours or so per week streaming my commission work. If you have a request or are interested in a commission, please drop me a note over at FurAffinity or contact me via a DM on Twitter. As I do take NSFW work and commissions, this page is 18+ and you should be prepared for artistic nudity, bodies, and gender-affirming art pieces. I'm gay y'all. I like drawing other gay people. Thanks You! o.-

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Ripley Violet
Thank you so much for supporting me with a Ko-Fi! I'm a cartoonist, manga/anime illustrator, and Furry Artist who likes to draw comics and do commissions! I exist on 24oz of Black Coffee a day, so any gracious donation will fuel me for another adventure! :D

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