Robert Mengual

My name is Robert Mengual, I'm a Spanish software developer and I am really looking forward to working at FOSS products that contribute to make a better society and a better world. I studied simultaneously 2 bachelors degrees, one in music and another one in computing science. However, after finishing the careers, I switched completely to software engineering. The reason why is because when I develop frontend specially, it feels like a perfect mix between the technical world and the artistic world, and I find myself really strong there. As for my technical background, I work mostly full stack with javascript. For the frontend I use mainly React and Angular and for the backend I use NodeJS and NestJS. I have also used another languages like C#, Java and Kotlin for backend projects and personal games. However, even though those are the things that I have used the most, I'm that kind of person that loves to continuously learn new things, languages, frameworks, paradigms. Because this world is evolving fast, and if you don't learn, you will eventually be old-fashioned. Happy coding :)

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