Devote one full day a week to Rolamaton in May 2019

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Because taking a day off to write (and draw, for my friend) would mean to earn less for a living (I'm an artisan and my friend is a freelancer), we would need an alternate income to cover for that one full day a week to write/draw for Rolamaton.


Hi! I'm Lia, author of Rolamaton The Robocity and other works of fiction in progress (mostly about robots, yeah?). I pour my love for humankind and robots in my stories with the hope to make readers/viewers smile while I have a way of giving voice to my inner world. My biggest goal in fiction? Creating cool worlds and finding kindred souls out there who can relate to my feelings and hopes. Thanks for being here!

Rolamaton The Robocity
*NOTE: Every $10 of donation via Ko-Fi to support my fiction, I will donate $2 to the REAL Rolamaton - the Italian public library it is based from (Biblioteca "Carlo Levi", Genzano di Roma, RM). That's because Rolamaton is *exactly* Genzano's library, my and my friend's refuge, and it runs on public funds and donations from users. Thanks for helping both the fictional and the real "robocity"!* I got Rolamaton The Robocity (and my other fiction projects) a Ko-fi account with the idea that a little financial support might help me and my artist friend progress more on the storyline(s) and the artwork, as we often get behind to do work that pays the bills (I work at an artisan shop, she's a freelancer). Your support means that we can stress less about client work and make more time to write and draw Rolamaton stories and progress on my other fiction as well. Thanks from the bottom of my heart!

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