Living from the bottom to the Top

Welcome to my page, an extension of my podcast “Living From the Bottom to the Top” and a platform dedicated to achieving my ultimate goal of owning a mortage free property with a 2+ bedroom house of my own in the next three years. Currently I'm living on a friend's property in the Mojave Desert in Southern California. My home for now is a travel trailer I call PennyRoyal. This unusual arrangement means I rely on the support of this community to work towards my goals. In this space you will find updates to my podcast along with my shop that have various products for sale. Every sale a portion goes into a savings dedicated to my Ultimate Goal. Living in the desert presents different challenges but I can over come most of them. Most of the updates and content are shared directly from my phone on the occasions when I have access to a good WiFi signal and a charged computer I do post from it. Thank you for being a part of my journey by offering your support in some form. Making my dream a reality within the next three years.

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