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I game and blog things! I'm a passionate gamer who loves roleplaying games and historical wargames.

The Rolling Boxcars blog is a passionate project. I have been publishing gaming related blog content for three years now and I love every minute of it! I am hoping that in 2018, my self and a few other dedicated writers and gamers, can expand what we do and offer the readers. To make some of our ideas reality we need to ensure other passionate gamers are just as interested as we are. Look for our goals and objectives to change and develop as we refine what 2018 and beyond will look like.

Ideas for 2018:
- More Actual Play (AP) videos
- Begin doing video reviews to augment our written reviews
- Begin doing flip-through reviews
- Explore podcasting

Visitors and supporters alike, thank you for your new and/or continued support. It means a lot to us!

~ Modoc & the Team

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