Lexi Rosenne
🌙Hi everyone! Welcome and thank you for joining my Ko-Fi page!🌙 So how does this work? Well, as soon as you select the price for your pledge you'll have access to my discord server and first picks for commissions when slots open. You'll also have access to polls, commission discounts and be able to offer input on the content I create. You will be charged upfront for the month you start on, that way you're free to download all the HQ art on here that's available in the exclusive posts. You will notice that my content is mainly geared towards "A Leap of Faith", a novel I am co-creating with my best friend, @ZyBeherit (Twitter) in which I will be producing sketches, illustrations, and other accompanying content that shows off the universe and characters we are creating together. But I also make other, non-ALoF related illustrations for those who aren't wanting to see just demons doing their thing! Once your subscription has been cleared, you'll have access to the downloadable content. If you have opted for the print tier, I will send out the print choice of the month as soon as I am able to. Thank you once again for helping me take these steps into the digital art world. It's been an amazing 2 years so far and I'm looking forward to all the adventures you guys will help me take! You have no idea how much even the tiniest bit of support means to me 💜 🌙Subscription Tiers!:🌙 You can now subscribe monthly! This starts at €5 per month, but you can pay anything above that! 🌙€5+ per month 1 HD download of one of the images I create (Any more created within that month will be available to buy in the store) Exclusive access to sketches, bestiary and lore notes 15% off all commissions (Doesn't stack with previous tiers) 1 month exclusive access to graphic novel pages 1 month before the public. 🌙€17+ per month Prints! A4 print of that month's featured illustration or commission if you have ordered one (Print packs may also include little mini gift surprises!) 25% off commission prices Plus all previous tier rewards And yes... you will be paying me in cats. TURN ME INTO THE CRAZY CAT LADY WE ALL KNOW I WANNA BE! MOAR CATS!!

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