As a small business I have to prioritise essentials. New pens? Kind of a must. Sold out of stickers? Ok, I need to order more. But I can't always buy other bits. I don’t mean a holiday or anything extravagant but rather things like new products. It can take months to design a new product only to get it ready and realise that I haven’t quite got enough to cover the initial printing costs. That can be so disheartening, especially right now when the rest of the world already seems pretty crappy. I’m a huge fan of Random Acts of Kindness and I find that even the tiniest of things can make a difference to someone’s day. Like giving a friend a lift, picking up some litter or in this case buying a virtual coffee for some artist you’ve never met! So if you fancy getting that feel good hit of helping someone out and making my day at the same time that would be amazing!

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