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I wear hats, write code, and chew bubblegum. Most of the code I write is open source. You can follow the links on my website to find my GitLab and Mastodon profiles.

Here you can help me continue creating, among other things, the Kymera wearables (https://kymera.tech), and the Telepathy password manager (https://telepathy.pw). You can catch what I'm working on over at the zick.kim GitLab (https://gitlab.com/zick.kim), or the more "official" things over at the Chameleoid GitLab Organization (https://gitlab.com/chameleoid). Why Kymera? I wan't to make it easy for people to become cyborgs. Help me make more cyborgs? Why Telepathy? I wanted a password manager that would stay in sync without a central store.

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