Hello!! I'm assuming you've come here from one of my social media pages, and just let me say thank you! Thank you for any of the watches/follows/faves/comments that you've left on any of my works. Gosh when I first started posting all of my art I had no idea it would eventually take me here and allow me to meet so many kind souls, so I greatly appreciate everything that you guys have done for me ;v; thank you so much!! There's absolutely no pressure at all to donate - don't feel like you have to. But if you do end up doing so, even a small amount, it will be very much appreciated. Everything give to me helps my art in the long run, and fuels my creativity and pushes me to create that much more. *u* From the bottom of my heart, thank you!! I do ko-fi donation sketches sometimes. Please watch my Twitter for when I make those available! Thanks!

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