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at the moment i do all my photography and my filmmaking on my canon 700d. while it's served me well so far, it is still somewhat of a "beginner" camera and it's lacking a lot of features that are holding back both my photography (especially gig photography) and filmmaking. with a more professional camera, i'd be able to achieve more and unleash even more of my creativity. if you'd like to help, please consider buying me a coffee or two! thank you so much in advance! 💖


hello! my name is fede, but on the internet i go by faith. i'm a digital media student living in scotland. i spend many of my days writing, doing photography, making films and youtube videos and planning my podcast. thank you for checking out my ko-fi page! your support means the world to me!

Faith Lapine
hello there! welcome to my ko-fi page! if you like any of the things i make and would like to show your appreciation, please consider buying me a coffee or two. your support really means a lot to me! thank you so much!!

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