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Sabrina Kaufmann
Hello there! I'm Sabrina Kaufmann, a mangaka, fashion illustrator & creative entrepreneur from Luxembourg. You might know me through: ♥ Illustrated Fairytales, my manga series after Grimm & Andersen ♥ My YouTube channel to help and support aspiring artists who want to grow from Art to Business ♥ Himesama Clothing, my casual lolita fashion brand ♥ Conventions, where I regularly travel with my art & merch. Since I was a child, I've always loved drawing, sharing stories, business and teaching - and I'm grateful now to be my own boss to pursue all those passions in one place. Nothing thrills me more than going all in for creative projects, and then share those experiences for other artists to learn and grow. Your support allows me to constantly grow to become a better illustrator and mentor, so I can give back more art, inspiration & experiences - thank you so much ♥

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