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Sabrina Kaufmann
Hello there! I'm Sabrina Kaufmann, a mangaka, fashion illustrator & creative entrepreneur from Luxembourg. You might know me through: ♥ Illustrated Fairytales, my manga series after Grimm & Andersen ♥ My YouTube channel to help and support aspiring artists who want to grow from Art to Business ♥ Himesama Clothing, my casual lolita fashion brand Winter 2021, I realized I had hit a ceiling in my business. Here I was, having so many ideas, but unable to make them happen because there were always things to take care of. As grateful as I was for those amazing opportunities, I realized I wanted to get back to more drawing again. Visitors at cons truly made me realize this when inquiring about the second volume of IllusFairy they've been waiting for over two years... uuh, sorry, I don't have any free time to draw? 🙈 So, I decided to take one of the scariest moves ever: delegating to a part-time assistant. Thanks to this amazing soul taking care of administration, video editing, researches and so much more, I'm slowly able to gain more time again to focus on creative work 🎨 Right now, all of your tips go into financing my amazing VA. That time he saves me in administration, social media, etc, directly goes back into drawing new art and stories, traveling further to conventions, creating more videos and inspiring content for you ♥ If you enjoy my work and wish to support it, I'd gladly accept your cup of coffee ☕

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