SandDancer Publications
Award-Winning Authors - C.S. Kading and Tony Fuentes have been working together and crafting stories for more than two decades. Partners in both mischief and memories, this dynamic duo combines real-world experience with formal education, to bring you stories to tickle your imagination and delight your hearts. SandDancer was born out of the COVID-19 pandemic and a need to stay sane. We were unable to enjoy the company of others beyond the safety of our bubble, so we decided to come to you the only other way we could - through books and storytelling. C.S. Kading - Poet, playwright, educator and storyteller, whose fascination with writing began in 3rd grade when she won a district writing contest. Her love for fantastical forces motivates her to create stories of heroes, villains, gods and monsters that often have a foundation in Old World mythology and legends. Tony Fuentes - Whether it is taking up a child's toy and creating a world around it, or giving the epic history of a cocktail that he made up five minutes ago, Tony's imagination borders on the fantastic and sometimes the inane. A storyteller, gamer, and part-time occultist - he gives the weird and wondrous things a place in our world for all to enjoy. Thanks for stopping in. We'd love to share a story over a cuppa!

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