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BBW Belly Dance W/ SavannahShad0w

I'm thrilled to offer a new & expanding LIBRARY OF BBW BELLY DANCE: *monthly recorded technique breakdowns, *follow-along drills, *my personal workout & stretching routines, & *full length classes - both recorded & live - for not just my current students, but newcomers to dance & queens returning alike! PLEASE READ BEFORE JOINING(legal stuff): Joining my Ko-Fi you receive access to all already released pre-recorded videos uploaded & those in the future so long as the subscription is currently active. 1. Ko-Fi will charge you the day that you join, & then the same day next month. Joining today you receive 30 days of access to all currently uploaded videos. 2. If your payment cannot be processed due to lack of funds on your account or your PayPal status changes to DECLINED you loose your spot in your tier & access to the subscription content - this is Ko-Fi policy. 3. The difference between tiers is only price - the sooner/earlier you join, the lower the price. Each tier will have access to the same content - so do not hesitate to claim your spot in the Early Bird Tiers now. Your support in the early stages will provide you with the most ridiculous value as the page grows & expands its' content - you will be 'grandfathered in at your original tier price. 4. All videos are copyright to Savannah Shad0w (Daniella Langford) & it is prohibited to share/copy&paste/or otherwise use/post those videos outside of the Ko-Fi platform without written confirmation.

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