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The main focus of this page is providing information about process, methods, art education and resources. I feel that the world is being particularly hard on artists right now and that our best response that that is to to support each other as much as possible. To that end I've been creating resources for artists and releasing them here, for everyone, for free. I've also made a Discord community space where artists can get help with their own projects - whether they are looking for critique, problem solving, help with a portfolio, or are just feeling a bit lost - found here: >>So why subscribe to my Ko-fi at all? To help support me while I make this kind of content! You also get a special designation on the server and get more input on what kind of educational content I produce. >>Why me? I have an extremely wide knowledge of the arts in a variety of mediums, an art degree with honors, and have both written about and taught art professionally. I'm also regularly helping people with their model, diorama, and painting projects, along with providing airbrush lessons, as part of my day job. So whatever your need - 2D, 3D, fine art, low brow, conceptual, illustration, craft, hobbyist, professional, from watercolors to welding to writing, I want to help you out! And, importantly, if I don't have the answers myself, I'll work to help you find them. >>To see my work check out the gallery here or visit: >>Or shop my work at:

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