Scifi-Meshes wants your money. No, wait! That came out wrong... Scifi-Meshes is a venerable online community of 3D artists and science fiction fans that has been around since the early 2000s. We have a long running online forum and more recently a Discord server dedicated to scifi art and learning. People have been asking (not very often, but it has happened like twice at least) about helping out with running the site, so I finally got around to setting up a Ko-Fi for that very purpose. Donations will not get you anything apart from a hopefully warm fuzzy feeling for now. Neither the site nor the Discord server rely on donations to keep running. I'm paying the bills because I think this is a community that should exist ad free, devoid of any recommendation algorithms and independent from social media platforms. As far as where the money goes, hosting the forum and Boosting the Discord server mostly. If we get any extra maybe we'll commission some official art or hire a real coder to make us some features some day. For the time being, it's just hooked up to the same Paypal account I use to pay for hosting and server boosts every month. You can find us at: Forums: Discord:

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