Slawomir Czerwinski

I'm a software developer specialised in Java and other languages running on JVM – mainly Kotlin and Scala. Although currently working mostly with Android, I have a broad range of experience with different frameworks – desktop to mobile, frontend to backend (to middle-end 🙃) – which helps me incorporate solutions from different fields into my everyday projects. My open-source usually comes from my laziness. If I need to do some tedious job more than once, I prefer to put 10 times more effort into automating it. If I believe others might benefit from the work I'm doing, I publish such utilities as a library or a plugin. I realise that most of people who benefit from my open-source projects are, just like me, simple developers. You are probably unable to support everyone you'd like to. You might even be unable to support anyone at all – that's perfectly fine. However, if you can only support one person per month, please consider me the next time you make a donation. I would very much appreciate that 🙏🏻

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