Read Seeking the Tao in the Mortal World on Synopsis: Qin Yi once believed that the most important qualities for a cultivator are detachment, tranquility, contentment, patience, and resistance to temptation. But eventually, he discovered that the character “person” is a crucial element in the word “cultivator”. The path of cultivation is arduous and lonely. One must support each other to keep warm. Being a cultivator means to transcend from the mortal world; being a chivalrous martial artist means to travel the mortal world. One will not regret in the depth of the mortal world. Do I Need to Pledge to Read the Novel? No, not at all. Our novel will always be available for free and ko-fi is only meant as a way for us to receive more support from readers who're able and are willing. Readers who want to support but couldn't can always disable adblock and continue reading on our website :)

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