seina sleep

hi! i'm a rapper, interdisciplinary music artist, writer, curator, and organizer. unfortunately, none of these things pay well. and because of my multiple disabilities and chronic health issues, and because i'm a trans woman of color, there are few "regular jobs" available to me. so if you wanna support my ability to live, do meaningful work, and take care of the people around me, please consider supporting financially (especially long term). even a couple bucks a month helps drastically! also, donating to my ko-fi is the best way to keep up with my life and have more intimate interactions with me online; since i deactivated all my social media, i'm planning to put my pictures and thoughts on here instead. please feel free to comment on stuff and dm me like it's a regular social media feed. i really hope to have some genuine connection with friends on here. it feels so much more comfy than other platforms rn :)

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