Sen H.H.S. (she/her) Taiwanese. Uses many names such as Kitty, Yvonne H., etc. It's mostly dependent on how we met. A writer of sci-fi and fantasy fictional stories, sometimes for myself, sometimes for others. When it's for myself, they tend to be novels. When it's for others, they tend to be tRPG games. This Ko-fi page is meant for me to fundraise when I have specific endeavors I wish to undertake on my writing and tRPG development journey, BUT I won't mind a tip if you stumble across something I did and enjoyed it. :) Let me know how you found me! I want to be able to put a face and connection behind each dollar so I can thank you properly! My Current Projects: (Busy freelancing!) Past goals reached: 1. Clarion West 2019 Application fee <3 2. Chinese Mythology inspired DnD module 1 released! More to come? Thank you for the support! And here's some unconditional love to you. <3

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